“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” - Jim Rohn

Join Book Club

The UPHRA Virtual Book Club is designed with the working professional in mind. We will meet every other month over Zoom to allow everyone a chance to read the book while still juggling all our tasks. Books will be chosen about topics HR Professionals deal with on a daily basis including business, leadership, and professional development, as well as listings on the SHRM Library (with options that also count for credits) and recommendations from our members. 

Vision of the UPHRA Book Club: 

To enrich the lives of our members with continued education through reading, sharing, networking and inspiring within a bi-monthly forum.

Book Club Details:

The UPHRA Book Club is open to all members of UPHRA as well as non-members for a small fee of $5 a meeting. All members are responsible to purchase their own books. Book Club members are responsible for reading assignments, participating in discussion (assuming the book has been read), and to respect the the thoughts or other members. 

Book Club Code of Conduct:

      • Read the book or assigned chapters prior to the meeting.
      • Arrive on time.
      • Have your cameras on during the meeting (this is a chance to network as well).
      • Practice Respect, Patience, Common Sense.

Interested in joining?

Check out our Events Calendar for the next meeting date/book selection or contact us at info@uphra.org

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