The name of this organization shall be the Upper Peninsula Human Resources Association.

To promote the development of human resource management in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan through the exchange and sharing of information via meetings, discussions, and formal presentations.

Full membership meetings of the Association shall be scheduled by the Executive Board, with a minimum of four meetings held each year between September and the following May. The principal meeting location for the Association shall be Marquette, Michigan. Meeting notices will be sent to each member indicating the location of the meeting and requesting RSVP to enable appropriate arrangements. Executive Board meetings and any special meetings may be called by the President as needed, with approval of the Executive Board. Meetings shall be open to guests at all times.

Membership is open to persons who have administrative responsibilities within public and private organizations, typically in an area of human resource management: employment and recruitment; labor relations; payroll; organizational development; training; safety; compensation; and benefit administration. Membership is also intended to benefit those in consulting, teaching, and research roles–typically within the areas of general management, human resource management, business, industrial relations, public administration, and economics.

Annual dues at $60.00 for an individual membership. Dues are payable as of December of each year. The Executive Board will review the dues amount annually, and make changes to the dues as it deems necessary.

The Executive Board is the policymaking body of the Upper Peninsula Human Resources Association. Meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or by a majority of the Executive Board. The Executive Board may create such committees as may be required to promote the objectives and interest of the Association. The Officers of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers and six people. Elections to fill the Board’s officer positions will be held every other year (in dd years) at the August meeting, with those elected assuming office the following January. The term of office is two years. The Vice-President/President Elect will be elected for two years serving as Vice-President/President Elect, then will automatically assume the President’s office at the beginning of the next calendar year following the Vice-President/President Elect term. Vacancies on the Executive Board shall be filled through appointment by the Executive Board. A member of the Executive Board of the Upper Peninsula Human resources Association who misses four (4) consecutive meetings of the Executive Board shall be removed from the position and a replacement sought.


These descriptions provide an overview of the role of each officer.

President: Presides at the meetings of the full membership and of the Executive Board. The President is responsible for supervising the affairs of the Association, and will prepare the agenda for Executive Board meetings and meetings of the general membership.
Vice-President/President Elect: Presides at meetings of the Executive Board and meetings of the general membership in the absence of the President. Coordinates the welcome table, and solicits and presents nominations to fill vacancies on the Executive Board.
Secretary: Records minutes of all meetings (Board and general membership) and any other business, and produces meeting announcements and other required Association correspondence. Maintains the records of the Association and coordinates the membership renewal process.
Treasurer: Prepares and maintains financial records, handles revenue generated by the Association and pays all bills required by the business of the Association.

All paid members shall have voting rights, with the following qualification: The Association President shall not vote for members seeking to fill vacancies of the Executive Board, except in the case of a tie in vote count between two candidates.

The bylaws of the Association may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting of the Association, provided that two weeks’ notice of the meeting and the proposed amendment has been given to the members. The bylaws of the Association will be reviewed by the Executive Board in the fall of each year.

In the event of the dissolution of the Association, all assets of the Association shall be turned over to a nonprofit, charitable organization to be designated by the Executive Board.

Revised 9/9/13

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