Responsibilities of All Board Members

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings as established by the president

  • Bring ideas to the table on meeting topics/presenters

  • Drive membership through group generated marketing strategies

  • Act as ambassadors for the organization


  • Monitor the use, accounting, and handling of the chapter funds

  • Chair meetings of chapter and board officers (create agenda for board meetings)

  • Participate in/lead the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.

  • Attend state council meetings and actively participate in state council matters.  Provide information to state council as an elected representative of the chapter. Appoint proxy to attend state council meetings when unable to attend.

  • Maintain communication with the state council director and the SHRM Regional Team.

  • Communicate state, regional and/or SHRM’s goals, policies, and programs to chapter members.  Represent the state council to local chapter leaders and the membership.

  • File reports as needed to SHRM

President Elect/Vice President

  • Assist the president in overseeing all the activities of the chapter.  In the absence of the president, perform all the presidential responsibilities.

  • Perform all special projects as assigned by the president.

  • Participate in the development and implementation of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the chapter.


  • Notify membership chair as checks are received

  • Cut and sign checks as needed

  • Establish annual budgets

  • Create meeting agenda and forward to Digital Media Coordinator and Webmaster to be distributed and posted online

  • Maintain Gmail account

  • Forward emails from Gmail account to appropriate board members

  • Take minutes during board meetings

  • Send minutes to board members after meetings (and save in google drive)

Certification Coordinator
  • Pursue certification credits from HRCI and SHRM for all meetings and Fall Forum

  • Scan in attendance/certification lists and save in google drive folder to ensure proper compliance with certification credit

  • Email certification credit info to meeting attendees

  • Create annual membership survey

Events Logistics Coordinator (VACANT)

  • Lock in venue, plan meals/refreshments, and send final count /AV needs to venue contact

  • Receive meeting confirmation notifications and responsible for attendee check in list/system

  • Notify Venue coordinator of final head count at least 5 days prior

  • Coordinate volunteers for and oversee check-in table

  • Deliver any payments made at the door of events to the treasurer

  • “Check in” attendees through Wild Apricot system after event

  • Forward meeting attendance roster to Certification Coordinator so they may email attendees credit information

  • Approve invoices from events prior to payment made by Treasurer

Presenter Coordinator
  • Establish contact with presenters

  • Maintain “presenter interest” form

  • Obtain necessary information from presenter to create agenda (bio, presentation info, timeframe) and forward to Secretary and Certification Chair

  • Confirm needs from presenters regarding powerpoint/audio video needs and forward to Venue Coordinator

Annual Conference Chair (VACANT)

  • Organize annual multi day event.

Membership Chair

  • Manage overall membership through wild apricot

    • Work with treasurer to track payments via check/snail mail as they are received and update membership profiles on Wild Apricot

  • Send “new member emails” as necessary

  • Respond to any inquiries regarding membership

Marketing Chair

  • Distribute (email and post on website) information from members such as job postings, etc

  • Create content based on current events/marketing and post info to the following:

    • Facebook

    • Linkedin

Webmaster (VACANT)

  • Maintain the website as follows:

    • Create events on Wild Apricot and set up automated emails/reminders

    • Edit web pages, post PDF files, create new links, post SHRM and chapter information as needed to keep website current.

    • Respond to member questions and problems regarding website.

    • Test and monitor web site to ensure stability and functionality.

  • Communicate with chapter board of directors to make sure all information on the website is current and accurate.

  • Update website as follows:

    • Yearly

      • Update the membership form as needed

        • Update notifications so they go to the appropriate board members

      • Update info on Fall Forum web page and forms

      • Update current board member info

    • Quarterly

      • Create event for quarterly meeting

      • Add agenda to event page

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