Upper Peninsula Human Resources Association Hotline

Get the information you need to comply with Federal and State labor and employment laws. Call the Upper Peninsula Human Resources Association (“UPHRA”) Hotline. The UPHRA Hotline is answered by Bodman PLC, Workplace Law Group attorneys who represent employers in labor and employment law. You will have instant fingertip access to the latest labor and employment information. The purpose of the Hotline is the give UPHRA members the edge, with the information employers need to help solve their workplace problems.

The UPHRA Hotline service will give you access to information on:

  • New and pending labor/employment laws and decisions with significant impact
  • Managing disability claims under thte ADA, FMLA, and Workers Comp
  • Creation and administration of employment handbooks and policies, and fringe benefit programs including COBRA
  • Wage/hour, overtime, payroll issues, and compliance with FLSA
  • Discipline, termination, layoffs, downsizing, andn avoiding employee lawsuits
  • Pre-employment screening, interviewing, and hiring
  • Protection against sexual harassment, race, age, and other discrimination claims
  • Dealing with drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse testing in the workplace
  • Privacy, surveillance, and right to review personnel file
  • Union organizing, collective bargaining, and arbitration

As a UPHRA member, your call for information to the UPHRA Hotline is free. If your inquiry requires follow-up advice and counsel of an attorney, or if there are subsequent calls or communications on the same topic as the initial call, a separate professional fee may be  charged at the attorney’s hourly rate. Any legal work performed by Bodman’s Workplace Law Group is at the member’s option.

The UPHRA Hotline is easy to use. UPHRA members call the Hotline’s toll-free number.

UPHRA Hotline

During business hours
Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
The UPHRA Hotline is answered directly by Bodman’s Workplace Law Group

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